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Lily Kennard is an oil painter based in Santa Cruz, California. She graduated with a degree in Psychology and Art from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2021. Lily uses both of her degrees to explore psychological interests through painting.

Lily focuses on themes around mental health, specifically unhealthy patterns that anxiety disorders create. She uses patterns in her paintings to depict mental and physical compulsions seen in disorders like obsessive compulsive disorder.

Lily is also interested in the relationship between art and viewer and likes to create a sense of movement within the viewer. She does this by cutting up her paintings and reorienting them in different formations. This interactivity between the viewer and painting creates art in itself and blurs the line between “artist” and “viewer”.

Lily is currently exploring different mediums and is pursuing her MFA.




Education: University of California, Santa Cruz, B.A in Art 2021 University of California, Santa Cruz, B.A Psychology 2021 University of California, Santa Cruz, Minor in Education 2021


Public Collections:

Issue Six, Murze Magazine, Pages 7,17 May 2019



Patterns Art Exhibition-2021

UCSC Spring 2021 Spring Virtual Open Studios Group Show- June 2021

UCSC Spring 2020 Spring virtual open studios group show- June 2020


Honors and Awards:

Patterns Art Exhibition- Overall 3rd place winner September, 2021

Patterns Art Exhibition- 2nd place in painting category- September, 2021

All Women Fine Art Award, Contemporary Art Gallery Online, 2nd place in mixed media, 2019 



Moxie Gallery: 2016-2018


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